The Monrovian Magazine -- Living in Monroe, Michigan

President James Monroe, 1817-1825

(April 28, 1758 - July 4, 1831)


Fifth President of the United States
US acquired Florida 1819
Missouri Compromise 1820
Monroe Doctrine 1823
Attorney at Law
Helped negotiate the Louisiana Purchase
Lieutenant in the Continental Army, served with distinction in the Battles of Trenton,(where he was shot in the left shoulder), Brandywine, & Germantown.
Depicted holding the flag in the famous painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware
One of two Presidents who fought in Revolutionary war; and the only one wounded.
1782 elected to the Virginia House.
1783-1786 served in the Continental Congress.
First President President, to host a White House Wedding. Maria Hester Monroe (his daughter) to Samuel L. Gouverneur.
First, President to ride a steamboat
One, of only three Presidents; to die on a July 4th date
First U.S. Senator to be President
First President to hold his inaugural out-doors.
His second inaugural was the first one the U.S. Marine ban played. They have played at every inauguration since.
The year that James Monroe was elected president, the White House was painted white. Prior to that, it was a strange blend of brown and yellow, with green shutters.
First President to tour the country
Descendant of King Edward III; through his paternal Grandfather
Appointed General Andrew Jackson to command during the 1st Seminole War.

America's Small Town

Facts about Monroe, Michigan

Monroe's original name was Frenchtown when about 100 French families in 1785 came from Detroit and Canada to settle.
The first raising of the American Flag in Michigan was here in 1796.
Named in honor of President James Monroe.
In July, 1817, Monroe County was a first step in organizing the Michigan Territory after the War of 1812.
The old settlement of Frenchtown, was situated at the site of the present Courthouse. The name was changed to Monroe and became the County Seat in September, 1817
Monroe's St. Antoine's Church is the second oldest church in the state.
Place of the River Raisin Massacre, War of 1812.
Home of General George A Custer.
Ranks 50th in population in Michigan.